Monday, June 22, 2015

Event Planning Companies in Los Angeles Get Featured in an Article

Zynger Event Designs, Inc., one of the best event planning companies in Los Angeles, gets featured in an article at Liese Gardner’s website published on the fourth of May this year. The article talks about how artist renderings have become the “art of sales” in the event industry of late. Ryan Zynger, our company’s owner, gave a piece of his mind regarding the matter, particularly on how it can be used to tell a visual story at prestigious events. Zynger says that using artist renderings as part of event planning is not something that gets a second thought if it’s a job he really wants or if the budget allows. Artistic rendering is the process of formulating, shading, texturing, and adding color of an image mostly used for visualization. Using images produced, event planners can capture a designer’s vision on paper in order to see how the different design elements would come together.

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